Brick Breaker

Another remake of the classic game. Originally called Breakout by Atari, it spawned a new era for video games, and is seen as the icon of the arcade culture.

Atari Breakout (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Pictured to the right, is the original Atari game. The idea was conceptualized by Nolan Bushel.  Countless remakes of the game have been made. Some such as Arkanoid, DX Ball, DX Ball – 2 have achieved notable fame, rivaling that of the original itself.

Checkout this Wikipedia article for a full list of notable Breakout clones.

While my version may not be as detailed or feature filled  as some of the other “clones”, it’s still fun to play. With unlimited lives, and five levels, it can be looked upon as a Zen Version of the game.

Screenshot of my version:

Download the source

View the help file

Fork on Github

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  1. Karthik Sharma

     /  December 29, 2013

    Hi Viraj,

    I wonder if the source code of this brick breaker is still available…
    I am just getting started with OpenGL / GLUT and would be obliged if I can have this code to understand it better.

    Thanks and regards,


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